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Chapter 2: Infection

Six tubes attached to the overhead device were promptly planted inside the specimen's unfortunate body. Two in the chest, one on either side of the ribs, and another two in the specimen's head. The ominous yellow substance that was being deposited from the tubes in the chest drew attention away from the chill one would receive from the blood being drained out through the other tubes.

However, watching the poor human become an unwilling test subject was not why Sisska was there. The pureblood Sith drew his yellow eyes away from the "experiment" and tried to find what it was he was searching for. Unfortunately, it was a task that was easier said than done.

As disturbing as the room was, the Sith couldn't help but find himself fascinated with the plethora of instruments that filled it. Not too long ago, he was in the service of a Sith Lord known as Lord Varmith. A Zabrak who had worked hard in teaching Sisska the finer points of using the Force to enhance one's own physical prowess, Varmith had met with an unfortunate incident when he confronted Darth Virales for power.

As powerful as Varmith had become, challenging a Sith who had earned the title of Darth was never a smart idea unless one was one hundred percent sure they could win. And given that with Sith, there was never a guarantee, Varmith fell before he had even reached Virales' chambers. For his betrayal against a higher ranking Sith, everything and everyone under his command would be destroyed, but for some reason Virales had made a request that Sisska be made his apprentice. Whether it was some form of pity for the pureblood for having killed his master or some other reason, Sisska had simply been happy to be spared a less fortunate fate.

While his time in Virales' service had been short, Sisska had at least expected to see his new master by now, but not once had he actually met with the Darth. In reality, Sisska was not sure who Darth Virales really was. Gender, species, age, etc. It was all unknown to him, as he had only been sent on a variety of errands since swearing allegiance to his new master.

It was from Sisska's understanding that Virales was a massive recluse. Instead of having some form of estate on any of the planets the Sith Empire had conquerored, he remained aboard the massive starship at all times. All his servants and possessions were kept on the ship as well, so encounters with the Sith Lord was only allowed if he permitted it.

However, Sisska was finally going to encounter his new master. Upon arrival from his latest task, retrieving some sickly womp rat from a research facility on Alderan, he was informed by the flight deck that Virales wished to see him in his chambers.

The thing was, Sisska had not expected such a peculiar room to be his master's chamber. Unlike most Sith, who preferred darker colors to signify their connect to the dark side of the Force, the room was practically a sterile white. Furthermore, there was no decorative architecture, flora, or pieces of artistic value present, which most Sith kept as a symbol of grander intelligence or power. Rather, everything in the room appeared to be some form of medical equipment that was either producing some kind of substance or taking it, such was the case of the man with the tubes.

"Sisska I presume"

Startled, Sisska turned his head in the direction of the speaker. He was not met with an immediate figure, but he found some thin, plastic white sheets being held up by metal rods at the back of the room, hiding whatever was behind them. The lighting allowed the shadow of some Near-Human being to make itself noticeable for those on the other side of the sheets, just as Sisska was.

Sisska moved toward the sheets, but paused upon being addressed once more. "Remain where you are, I'm in the middle of something and would rather not have you interfere" the Darth declared.

Sisska obeyed, but noticed something peculiar. The man, which he could confirm by the deep, masculine tone he spoke in, had some sort of distortion in his voice. It sounded like it was muffled by some kind of mask. This wasn't uncommon for a Sith Lord, as they had a tendency to wear them for safety and cultural reasons. Thinking it over, it could have just been a breathing apparatus, as Sisska had been instructed to put on one himself when he was entering the room.

"You requested my presence, my lord?" the willing apprentice asked, kneeling even though his master would not see the action.

Following the motions of the shadow, Sisska saw the Sith Lord lift something up. Something that was dripping. It was more than likely that whatever was with Virales behind that curtain of white plastic, it was something that was once alive. "I wanted to speak to you about a few things. The first is that you have done a good job as my apprentice so far" Virales announced.

"You honor me, my lord" Sisska spoke with gratitude.

"Honor is not yet yours apprentice. The good job you have done has merely proven that my decision to spare you the fate of your previous master's items was for the best" Virales explained, making Sisska well aware that the Sith Lord was like others he had met, out for his own interests. Yet, he couldn't shake the feeling that there was still something more. While all Sith Lords held unique traits that those under them would say sets them apart from the rest, the reclusive nature and unexpected mercy Virales had displayed made Sisska curious.

"First off, I would like to ask how you feel about your service toward me" Virales asked, surprising Sisska. The opinion of an underling was never important, especially when the underling knew the wrong answer could spell death.

"I'm not sure I fully understand the question, my lord"

Dropping the object he had been holding previously, letting out a sickening splat, Virales lifted up something that Sisska could only assume to be the intestines of some creature. "I mean do you feel satisfied with the assignments I have given you? Do you feel you are utilizing your full potential? Perhaps my methods have a flaw that you have noticed. I want to know your opinion on this matter"

Uneasy about answering a question like this, even if Sisska himself was strong both in the Force and physically, he knew his master could overwhelm him in an instant if he so decided. "I... I feel that... I feel that I am being wasted on these menial errands"

As soon as he spoke, Sisska's eyes widened. He was shocked to hear himself say that. It was the truth, but he had no intention of actually saying it. Eyeing the shadow of his master, he could only assume the Sith Lord had used the Force to make lying impossible somehow.

Raising what Sisska could tell were scissors, Virales began cutting he object he was now holding. "Is that so? How would you feel your talents would be best used?" Virales asked, not at all offended that his apprentice believed him to be wasteful in any manner.

Feeling that any reason to lie now would be useless, Sisska took a breath and willingly spoke the truth. "My former master, Lord Varmith, focused on making me strong. My connection to the Force cannot be questioned and my physical might is unargued. So far, all I've been ordered to do is retrieve objects of your interest from poorly guarded buildings. I have more to offer than being an errand boy"

Placing the organic matter and scissors down, Virales reached for another object. This time, the shape of the shadow against the curtain indicated it was a scalpel, or at least some other sharp instrument. "Your concerns are understood apprentice. A man that cannot use a tool wisely should not be allowed to use it at all"

A smile spread on Sisska's face, feeling that the offer to speak up was not one that was going to be wasted. "However, as rational as your concerns may be, they are not necessarily valid"

The smile left Sisska's face as he questioned his new master. "What do you mean, my lord?"

"It's rather simple really" Virales replied, holding the apparent scalpel over his head. "A tool that is wasted should not be used in the first place. However, does a tool know what it's purpose is? Does a sword know it must kill? Does a torch know it must provide light? Furthermore, some tools have more than one purpose. A syringe can remove blood from a body, but it may also put medication into it"

The meaning to Virales' words began to sink in, making Sisska understand his master's earlier statement. "You're saying that my true abilities don't lie in the power to fight?"

"To some extent. Your previous master was right to train you in such a manner. What I am saying is that you can do more than just fight and kill, the only problem is that noone has taken the time to reveal and nurture your hidden talents" Virales informed the young pureblood.

"I see. I thank you for your attention, my lord" the apprentice gratefully said, lowering his head to the more experienced Sith.

"I do not need your words to express your gratitude, only your actions" Virales told his new servant. "To insure your hidden talent reaches the surface, and to make sure you provide your required service to me, I have a new mission for you. Another errand, but this one will also make use of your talent for combat"

"Whatever you wish for, I shall obtain for you, my lord"

While it was impossible to truly tell without seeing his master's face or hearing his voice without any form of distortion, Sisska swore he heard some manner of glee in what his master said next. "I know you will. That is why I have no doubts that you will obtain it, even if it is a live specimen that will fight back. But not just any specimen. I require... a Jedi"