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Well I guess what people want is a reward that indicates to the opponent that you earned something. The stat people seek is simply to emphasize that they are better players by allowing them to kill the opponent faster. I genuinely think its not that these people need a clutch to compete... why would they, they had to work to reach that gear if it was a grind, so clearly if they got there they did something. Its hardly reasonable to consider someone playing 1000 warzones to get an advantage to then what.... win more warzones? for what?

People posting and telling others who want more gear that they "NEED" this advantage are just saying so to comfort themselves.

The demand for gear is to put yourself above your opponent because you did more than them. And in all honesty a mount isnt going to cut it, cause I cant ride mounts in the warzone can I?

The only thing there is, is different colored armor, but I mean it just isnt so interesting because the games graphics arent super appealing. I mean if they gave me a cool looking armor set fine, but a simple color change feels so half assed its sad. Ladder ranking will work fine in the end, but that requires cross server queing to bring in more competition. Untill then I dont think a rating 144 set of gear you need to work towards will break the game, nor do I think people who strive for it are "baddies" who cant play without the gear. Cause they clearly play the game to get that gear initially.
If you won 1000 warzones, you obviously don't need the gear to win more warzones. Why not ask for a different looking set of gear to distinguish yourself? Why does it have to be something that makes you hit harder, or take less damage?

I completely understand the desire to show off one's accomplishments in a "real" way, but like I said, I simply do not agree that having a very real advantage over your opponents promotes the spirit of competition that PvP tries to foster.
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