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07.10.2012 , 09:05 AM | #5138
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They're locked to people who don't have characters on them. They don't want other people creating characters on the origin servers - especially once they open up free to play to level 15.

/in before people QQing about how they've recruited 50 friends to join them on their origin server, but now BioWare won't let them.
Locked, as in they didn't come online for 2+ hours after the "healthy" servers did. Some of the dead servers are still down.

P.S.: You can still create new toons on the servers.

Edit: No clue what's going on w/ locked servers atm. My old server (along with a few other servers) went from locked to "Light" as did a few others. I thought the locked servers meant they were still down. *shrug*