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I am often a stern critic of BW and their mistakes. But I must defend them this time. They did an awesome job with the transfers and have helped restore the fun for so many grateful devotes. Is there room for compromise? Maybe Bioware could "merge" the remaining stragglers into 1 - 2 servers. Honestly, it is unfair to expect them to keep 1 server operating to cater to your guild. Please be reasonable. So let me ask this question:

Short of getting your own dedicated server what would it take to compensate you for a potentially lost name / identify?
BW really messed up with the server mergers.

Not only did they try to pass it off as just transfers (for PR reasons), but the first come, first serve name conflict resolution must have been the only thing they could manage to implement. Having put in a /played priority for names (still implementable) would have been a much better way to go about it. I could care less about losing one of my alt's names for a player who's used that name for much longer, but I am very annoyed at having lost my main's name for a toon who's never played (he's on my friend's list).

The above can be done for legacy names (based on legacy level or date the legacy was created), as well as guild names (date of creation, and maybe activity). All this can be done retroactively.

And now, without any prior in-game notification, they keep the dead servers locked?