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Also - sad irony; pvp/ops ppl want busier servers, but these merges drive off those who would que up/play with them because of new ping rates, and those who don't pvp/ops won't que up anyway or if they do it might be just to mess with the pvp/ops just to spite, (not that I would ever do such a thing ). Pre-mades won't be any better off either. lose-lose. I'm sure these points have been made by others on this thread (329 pages! ).

The much-touted fact of this being an MMO (all hail the definition that is written in stone by pvp-ers) is moot. The pvp MMO commandment: "Thou Shalt Group. Any Refusing to Group Must Depart to Hell Immediately. The Righteous PVP hath spoken." (This is how the adamant end-to-discussion "THIS IS AN MMO, you are in the wrong game/genre" pronouncers comes off as, IMO ). Lol, so sad. "Massively Multiplayer Online" doesn't dictate how people play.
While what EAware has done to the APAC players is disgusting and deceitful, it mostly impacts players on the Western US servers. The UK and us Eastern US players wont see much of a drop off at all and with the consolidation of servers, we'll only see an increase in pops.

No one is forcing players to group up of play PvP or Ops but this is a multi player game and people are paying for a mutli player experience. The studio is also focusing on multi player content so they would also like pops to happen at a reliable pace. If there is a problem with that, then there is indeed a problem with the genre because the studio isnt spending money on creating RP or solo content at this time.

Not talking about Everrgreen specifically but why do the anti merger people have to be so salty? Merges are happening, they were inevitable and probably should have happened years ago. Theres no need to act as if the pro merger crowd are somehow shooting themselves in the foot for any reason, because they're not. Its going to be good for the population and for queues of the new content.