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Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSealth View Post
Exactly one hard stun and one mezz, our greatest stun in my opinion is tied behind the Utility Tree (Maiming Reach) which makes Crippling Slash a 3 second stun but usable every 10 seconds.

However they've mezzes, stuns basically the full works and yet they're still complaining?

Mindtrap - Mezz.
Whirlwind - Mezz.
Spike - Short duration stun.
Electrocute - Longer duration stun.
Low Slash - Short duration stun.

Utility - Hand of Darkness - Grants a stun effect to that Low Slash, Force Pull and Eradicate.

Darkness crumbles most when Stuns are in play, I always get the healer mob handed, Pull with stun out of their safe space, Spike is like a 15 seconds CD, it's the best class for crowd control and still will be in 6.0.
Low slash is not a stun. It is a mezz. The utility only adds a root effect after the mezz effect wears off.

If you do not know the difference between a stun, a mezz or what a root is, then you honestly should rethink about talking about gameplay at all. Not know the basics is a big red flag.

Also, i must say i do not remember at any time when deception/infiltration was the meta. We had Balance/madness (the dot spec) as meta in season 3, but never infiltration/deception.
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