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is there any point in my trying pvp again, tried once and got destroyed.
pvp is not something you can just be god at. we all started from nothing, clickers, close camera, wondering what interrupt did, breaking first stun.

if you are interested in a more intense gameplay on swtor, its definitely worth the effort for those first 3-4 months of getting destroyed as you begin to learn to counter and LoS. Pvp in of itself is rewarding, you dont do it for gear, you do it too be better.

last thing, if your a nice sweet person and want to stay that way, get used to ignore button and/or just keep chat off. 90% of the players who know what they are doing dont use it anyway. like keeping an eye on the offnodes guards hp. (if fred is guarding west and the fight is south just keep an eye on fred hp, if it drops, hes got company.)