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Actually this is not Bioware's bug team to blame here as I explained shortly after the game was release, the ones to blame here are everyone in the BETA testing phase who DIDN'T report bugs and instead treated the game like free play. Unfortunately this is all too common and because of such it causes massive amounts of bugs to go unnoticed due to testers being overly occupied with crafting builds and learning farming spots instead of scouting out any errors in the coding that might be had.

So in short... Blame the community, not the developers. You can blame a certain publisher as well for pushing the game out early but that's neither here nor there.
In hing sight I posted some of it in frustration. Guild I am in had just finished Nightmare EV that was riddled with bugs and than I lose a 2nd mount. But I won't say it's 100% not their fault, they have had months to at least attempt to work on this bugs. I am displeased with how they handle, or appear not to handle the bugs. It'd be nice if we could get a statement from BioWare addressing the bug problem and that they are working on it. Instead of "we've sent this transmission to our bug team".
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No, it's just an opinion. People disagreeing with someone's opinion is not flaming nor is it trolling. It's called discussion.