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I realize that mounts, titles and pets might not be important or even cause of QQing... but to someone who is a mount / title / pet collector .. it's everything. So for those that aren't, please refrain from posting you "It's just a mount." post...

I have 38 mounts learned. When I heard the Korrealis line of mounts was being removed I did something that I hate doing... PvP. All so I could get the Korrealis Prince since my collection wouldn't be complete without it. I was at Valor 21 and within 2 weeks I have gotten 65 Valor rank. Upon buying the Korrealis Prince I used it so that I could learn the mount. It didn't put it on my action bar so I went to the "Vehicles" tab to not see it there... I panicked. Mount collectors worst nightmare! I called CS and they eventually found out that I have over 30 mounts. They sent me the Prince in the mail and told me not to use it until they fixed a bug that prevents people with over 30 mounts from learning certain mounts.

I went from Dark V to Light V just to get both the Praxo mounts. I will do whatever it takes to get a mount. So a bug that prevents me from learning new mounts... on top of ALL the other bugs in this game... is just incredibly aggravating.

Today I got the Deslo Avenger from Nightmare Soa. Tried to use it... same thing. I have a ticket in now to try to have it refunded to me. I expect it will be, pending a get a CS rep who is nice.

BioWare you need to wake up, fire your current bug team and hire some people who will actually work on the bugs. The way you go about the bugs is wrong. How many months has Defend the Shipment been bugged? How many months has Eternity Vault been bugged? I could go on for probably a novels worth of bugs. New content? New Patches? Focus on fixing the bugs or your're going to lose people in troves. Today we had to reset Soa Nightmare and lose out on the title for a 3rd week in a row because Soa bugged and we weren't allowed to enter. We were all out of the Operation... What the heck BioWare.... Guild I am in are pretty much all saying that if 1.2 doesn't fix some of the bugs they're leaving. With Guild Wars 2 coming out you need to focus on making your subscribers happy.. and new content isn't going to work. Sure shiney and new is nice... but when it's riddled with bugs the appeal only last so long.

If the bug that prevents me from learning mounts isn't fixed soon you will lose my subscription. I am a Razer SWtOR Mouse, Collectors Edition owner. I put my faith and money into your product and so far I am not satisfied. I love Star Wars but I hate the bugs in this game. The Force is not with you and that's a problem.
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