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12.13.2011 , 10:08 AM | #9
I saved off several websites that I plan to frequent, I was assuming others would do that kind of thing once they announced the wipe.

Here are a couple websites that I like, off the top of my head, the full list is on my home computer.

I plan to go to for my database lookup needs. I think now that the game is live it will hopefully be flushed out and be a great place to look up crafting needs and such.

I also plan to visit for various other things, but chief among them is their character tree planner. Lots of places have good ones, this one seems fast and works well for me.

For the rest of the info in the posts, a lot of things changed in their last beta weekend they had, so I'm not so sure you would really want to rely on pulling up that old info anyway. Give it a couple weeks and the data will start flowing again, this time for good.