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You're welcome!

One more thing on species: Cathar and Togruta are only bought with cartel coins or from GTN (the in-game market) which is from other people who bought with CC. Once bought, they are fully account-unlocked. All the other unlocks are legacy-unlocked, i.e. that server-only.

And if you are planning on pref, there's a few other tips/secrets. Maybe your friends already gave you a good run down. While still subbed:

Click someone's referral link. This will give you an extra 7-days, and the Preferred Bundle. Which has some stuff you'll want to save for when you are Pref (they will be inactive before then, don't throw them out!). See the RAF page for more info (I have a link in my sig to the "rules"). You get that stuff mailed to each toon.

Amass a bunch of credits, and try to buy account-wide unlocks to the stuff you won't get in the Pref bundle. The most prized is probably Artifact Equipment unlock. But it is very expensive (2700 CC in CM, my server has someone selling it for ~35M credits).

Also look to buy a holostatue trainer. But the only buyable ones on GTN (Satele Shan and Malgus) are faction-specific. And then you'll still have to spend CC to account-wide unlock. Unless you were logged in over Xmas and already got the Senya trainer.

My usual tip: don't waste CC on pretty barbie stuff. Use for unlocks (IMO, of course, if you like dressup...)

Lots more, but those are the high points.
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