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09.05.2019 , 07:31 PM | #10
I group run of Vet Hammer Station: Merc in full 306 gear:
Each boss dropped 3-4 pieces of loot that were "legendary"
Item ratings ranged from 300 - 306. a SINGLE 306. Was only looking for the rating number, didn't look at if it was for arsenal merc or not.

Then I bought 120 random item boxes from Tarkanna on Fleet.

out of those 120 random boxes from takanna....Merc wearing full 306 gear....

I got:

3x 306 pistols
1x 306 boots
3x 306 legs
1x 306 chest
4x 306 gloves
3x 306 bracers
1x 306 belt
1x 306 helmet
4x 306 relics (1 tank)
3x 306 earpieces
2x 306 implants

That's just about 22% drop rate for an equivalent item rating.

I also tried the Kai Zaikenn vendor. I only tried to get 20 pieces, NONE were full 306.
Then I stopped.

RNG still sucks.
It is not the gearing method the players want.
Tune the numbers all you want, the only way to make happy players is to give us SOMETHING that has zero reliance on RNG.

When you do, THAT's what we'll use.
If you choose to fight in the sewer you can no longer claim to have the moral high ground.