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09.05.2019 , 01:32 PM | #3
I tested a little the RNG box merchant i don't see anything better (well, except that gloves and belt works).
I have 278 rating, 276 being the lowest item rating and i still get 270 gear:
Some you can see in the image, but just before that particular offhand lightsaber, in my SENTINEL i got also:
272 generator
272 vibroknife
272 skattergun
278 focus

Seems like nothing changed. The tooltip still says that box item is tailer for active discipline.

And disintegration does not look like giving more tech fragments, just the same.

Tried the mod box. It gives 4 rng items. While i'm 278 rating, 50%+ was still green garbage.

edit: corrected the amount of items per Mod box.
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