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So I'm fighting my way through Vaiylin's funhouse "party" in Chapter VI of KOTFE - already thoroughly disengaged as my fully darkside Sith Warrior wastes her existence saving the citizenry of the universe's most prissy empire. Upon reaching the final "big pull" room where there are like 20 loyalists adherents and skybots (whatever they are) fighting each other, I realize that Theron - a character I despise to begin with - has decided to pull the companion "I'm going to get bugged standing out of LOS of you and not heal" bit (which, I am sure, everyone is familiar with, since it happens constantly). Eventually, I am overwhelmed and die.

That, however, isn't the bug I'm raging about - the bug is that, upon spawning back into the med center (which is conveniently located in the beast-handler room at the very start of the winding maze), I work my way about halfway back through the palace when I reach a force field barring my path forward. There's no disabling it; no panel to turn it off. This is the way I have to go, and because it's refusing to open, I get to reset the instance. And fight my way through the pointless hordes again.

Please, Bioware - PLEASE - never design content like this again. It's garbage to begin with - bad plot, wooden characters, pigeon-holing of my own toon into roles inappropriate for her - but the endless, endless, ENDLESS swarming waves of pointless antagonists we are obliged to hack our way through ARE. NOT. FUN. Yeah, it's crap that I had to reset the instance and start over, but if the content was better designed to begin with, it wouldn't be so stunningly annoying. IE, had I been having fun for the last 30 minutes, I wouldn't mind replaying it. But the fact that I was loathing the solo dungeon from the start made redoing it one of worst experiences I have ever had in 20 years of playing MMORPGs.