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02.21.2012 , 09:34 PM | #7
I sometimes use Thrash for a quick 1-2-dead on mobs that my Force Storm doesn't quite take down. I used it more before lvl 34 (when you get Force Storm), mainly whenever a low health melee mob ran up to say hi. It's cheap and instant, and it's there. Better than wasting a Force Lightning for only 1 tick to go off, and faster than casting a Lightning Strike.

Bloody hilarious in PvP when you start swinging your saber at someone for the kill. I do it all the time vs a melee opponent that's almost dead. (note that I only do it when 2-3 hits are gonna kill them and I'm not in danger at all)

But you should never ever use it in any serious content (PvE or PvP). You're a ranged caster and get no benefit to your melee attacks from Willpower, so all Thrash and Saber Slash are good for as a Sorc are for some flair taking out the last sliver of hp something has.

(btw love your sig OP)