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Boo! You are missing on the best story telling . I highly recommand them .

It would make Swtor look like a joke lol
Well i never found them and don't have a X-box anyways, so even if i had them i'd not be able to play them

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Don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that players shouldn't have their own versions of a character. That's what SWTOR's tale is all about, you create your own Star Wars story. What I am saying, is that the importance of headcanons shouldn't overshadow freedom in storytelling. The best would be if there was a balance between the two, but that is naturally difficult to achieve.

Although it will never happen, would I mind it if Bioware or someone else made a canon version of our PC characters? Nope, it's fine. I mean, technically there is already a soft canon version of SWTOR established. Republic class stories follow the Light Side and Empire class stories follow the Dark Side. It's also how for example Wookieepedia handles their pages about SWTOR related lore and content, assuming that the Light Side is the canon version on Repside and Dark Side on Impside.

Because even if there is a canon established, to me that doesn't invalidate my own vision on the story or characters. Not too long ago for example, I replayed KOTOR 1 & 2 and I felt completely comfortable playing KOTOR 1 as a female Revan and KOTOR 2 as a male Exile. The fact that SWTOR established canon versions for each didn't stop me from enjoying the playthroughs, nor should it have.
Thing is i have no issue with a character being canon, when there's only 1 version of this character.
As much as i dislike most of the game where you don't have a choice about your character having a male protagonist, i'll accept that dude as canon (Prince of Persia, Link...), but if i'm given a choice about my own character, am able to get through their stories, first i'm more likely to play as a female, and i'd not be happy that my girl suddenly turn into a dude after everything.

I've never been able to play the JK as a male PC, i've tried, many times, always ended up deleting them at most after finishing Tython. So for me the Hero of Tython is a female who romances Theron, any other version of that character would be a fake and a liar to me and i'd clearly never accept a dude romancing Kira or Lana as the Hero of Tython.
So if they ever make a canonical version of that character (in another game or in a movie), i'll just never touch that and prentend it doesn't exist.

So i'll stand by my point if you want total control over your story from begining to end and don't want to have problem with people being mad at your new canon character, then just don't give people a choice and create your canonical version from the start.
In need of more Arcann, Aric, Torian, Vector, and a lot, lot, lot more Theron.
There's nothing like geting too much Theron

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