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Anything Revan that has set a gender has butchered the story for a great many people. My Revan was NOT male. Should have left well enough alone.

I don't care how well it was written. My Revan did not romance Bastillia and was not male. She romanced Carth and was female.
I understand this point of view of course. My Revans were both female and male depending on my playthrough, so perhaps that is why I wasn't so bothered by Revan getting a fixed gender, because I didn't fix a gender onto Revan either. But from a story perspective I understand why they had done it and even support the choice.

The importance of headcanons has to be kept in mind of course, but I am of the strong opinion that people's individual headcanons shouldn't rule the story the devs want to tell. Because as immersed and involved as we are in the stories, in the end they're the storytellers and we the audience.
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