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Depressing? I don't really see how pretty much any of the current female forms fight, aside from Type 1 ... even then, it just doesn't seem to, fit?

4 Body types, petite, 'normal with ample bosom', Helga and slightly big bonned... they need to increase the types, I don't partically like any of them. Type 1 has the bosom and bottom that I feel suits a combat type, whilst type 2 has all the correct postures and facial/normal body muscle.

If anything, they need to add several more body types, or just let us customise as we want... then add the customise option for any of our companions. Editing what we want to - within reason.
I guess depressing was the wrong word for it, it just kinda bummed me out because I see so many type 2 and 1 that I feel the other two body types are going to waste. Thinking about it now garza has a type 4 and she's an old lady and Akaavi is the only one I can think of with a type 3. I agree with you about customizing our companions Mako is a pretty awesome companion and LI but her anorexia is kinda of putting and it would add more of a uniqueness to each individual character and maybe I just want more curves in this game I guess it is her armor but I love Elara's body even my trooper mentioned it to Aric when he first saw her hahahaha