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Going with this statement, perhaps the OP is experiencing a lot of sorcs spec'd into Backlash once again maybe? With the changes to resolve, more are spec'd this way and Blinds are popping everywhere. This is not an Operative using Flashbang. At least in the games I've played since 1.4, tons of sorcs seem to be using it again and it was an ability I had not seen in a long time except for on a rare occasion.

I'm not discrediting the OPs assessment, however I don't think the problem is with Operatives having too many stuns but more classes freely using stuns as a means of an ability rather than timing it for the right time. I play an Operative and have two in combat stuns...Flashbang and Defibrillate and one out of combat stun, Sleep dart which I rarely use. Don't sorcs have Electocute, Whirlwind, and if spec'd into it, Backlash which would make it 3? They also have a knockback and force speed to evade enemies.

For me as an operative, a stun is my way to escape. I don't have force speed or a knockback...all I have is a stun. You don't want to be stunned, then stay away from me.
agreed, the only time i stun folks on my healer OP is:
1. to get away.
2. to help a teammate cap an objective.

i rarely use sleep dart unless i catch some fool out / gaurding by himself.
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