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I prefer a classic, simple look. These robes are unassuming but if you were to examine me you'd be shocked.

These are my PVP robes filled entirely with battlemaster mods. The best part is that it makes me a god in PVP and I still look good. I also nearly have the full Jedi Battlelord set for PVE and will post that when it is complete.

In case anyone wants to copy the look, the robe and pants are the Battle Explusor's set. Gloves are columi, boots are as tionese color matches to chest. Sadly in PVP you lose a lot if you go with a moddable bracer and belt so those are standard battlemaster.

The lightsaber is from Mando Raiders and full of my Battlemaster Saber mods. Best looking saber in the game IMO, it's just like Luke/Obi-Wan's. Classic.

The classic look is awesome here!