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- Ask one question. There isn't any way to nuy/acquire a specific modification without relying on RNG, is there?
Not that I know of. Keep in mind that all the parts are Bound To Legacy, so you can keep 306 level ones to use on alts. And also keep in mind the mix & match nature of the left side items. For example, a Critical earpiece + Alacrity Implant, has basically the same stats as an Alacrity Earpiece + a Critical Implant.

- Learn about augments! (Guide available)

- Learn about Amplifiers! (Guide available)
Don't worry too much about augments until you get your bonus set. Mk.11 slots and related augments are "best" but expensive. Mk.10 level units are almost as good, and a lot cheaper.

I haven't done much with amplifiers. They seem to mostly be just minor details that I've ignored so far.
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