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Do you mean that the modifications and the gear item level 306 that I am dropping are the best available? Should I always keep them? I do understand that I have to check the stats , of course!

I am asking because I am IR 306 and I m trying tpo figure where to spend my capped Tech Fragments.

Can I safely buy thr modification and the unidentified gear form the Spolis of War vendor?
I can't say for sure if any of the crafted 306 items would have "better" stats because I haven't bothered to try to get the better schematics. I doubt that there's any major difference. Also, the ones you get as drops have a variety of stats to suit your build.

As a poster above said, you should primarily spend your TFs on pieces of a bonus gear set and tacticals.
You can also RNG some items from the Spoils Of War vendor if there's some implant, earpiece, or relic you need.
Beyond that, you can use some TFs to buy some items like pets and mounts, from the vendors on Ossus.
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