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Your answers are precious, much appreciated!

Do you mean that the modifications and the gear item level 306 that I am dropping are the best available? Should I always keep them? I do understand that I have to check the stats ě, of course!

I am asking because I am IR 306 and I m trying tpo figure where to spend my capped Tech Fragments.

Can I safely buy thr modification and the unidentified gear form the Spolis of War vendor?
Priority on how to spend Tech fragments:

1) set bonus
2) main tactical
3) other useful tacticals depending on spec
4a) rinse and repeat for how many characters if you want to gear or
4b) chase the BiS mods and enhancements from the RNG vendor *if* there's nothing else you want to buy

Modifications from vendors and mofications that drop are exactly the same, all RNG so check everything. Keep the good stuff luck awards, destroy the rest for more TF and chance of embers.

BiS for 75 content (dxun op, meridian flashpoint, the new planets and pvp) are, for a DPS: lethal 80 r2 mods, r18 and r19 initiative enhancements 80, r19 and r20 nimble enhancements 80, adept 80 and 80 r1. relics serendipitous assault and focused retribution, sha'tek implants and earpieces.

For level locked (70) content you want to use primeveal fateseeler and devasting vengeance relics and since power (and mastery and endurance) are capped, if you really want to go all out the low power high tertiary stat enhancements (efficient, savant and proficient r1) instead.

stat tresholds: 1590 accuracy rating for 110 % accuracy, 1213 alacrity to reach 1.4 gcd (except specs with their own alacrity boost like arsenal lighting and carnage), rest crit until around 3100 to 3300 (depends on spec) and then mastery unless you're primary doing level locked content in which case don't bother as it'd be wasted.
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