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11.02.2019 , 05:25 PM | #20
I have an initial post from a few days ago, but I'd like to add a bit more based on extensive crafting throughout the week...

The new Materials window needs serious enhancements as many have already mentioned. (I even posted in the Suggestions forum.) I'll only mention here that there needs to be additional data available in the Materials window:
1. Put the mats in grid view, not list view that's 300 miles long.
2. Data columns we can toggle on/off
3. Data columns should be sortable, both ascending (the default) & descending by just clicking on the column heading. This is ubiquitous on the Internet just about anywhere a table of data is displayed.
4. Retain UI changes so they're restored when we open the window again. (You already do it with screen location, and some screens retain setting already, e.g. the GTN window although there are bugs there like the right-most column always resetting between Search/Sell window changes.)
5. We need multiple ways to organize mats: by type, by quality, by grade, etc.
6. The Filter textbox should have a Type filter to the left of it, defaulting to All. This would provide easy category filtering instead of being forced to see everything at once with only Skill collapse/hide options (which don't even persist between window openings).

FWIW, please tweak the Mission Complete dialog. (I have a post in Suggestions for that as well.) Basically, give us control over that window so we don't have to be constantly interrupted by having to click Accept, especially since there IS no alternative...there's no Cancel/Later/GoAway option and simply closing the dialog throws it back into the queue which continues to allow mission rewards to flow into inventory. (That tiny "more" feature in the top-right of the screen helps a tiny bit, but let us manage the items in that list.) Furthermore, give us some legacy UI settings that control the dialog's behavior like Auto Accept all, Only Apply To Companion Missions, and Only Apply To Crew Skill Missions.