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Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
  • Do you understand how to access the Materials Inventory?
  • Do you understand how to put items in, and to withdraw them?
  • Do you understand what can or cannot be placed into the Material Inventory?
  • Is the way items are displayed in the Material Inventory clear?
Those are just some examples, share any thoughts you have!
  • Yes
  • I thought I did... see Below...
  • Mostly
  • No, Absolutely NOT... see Below

In addition to the standard right clicking or dragging, to move materials between an open inventy/materials window There also seems to be a Filter at the top of the charactery inventory panel...

Expected Behavior:
I Right click the filter, chose a Quality (which should include "none", and a grade selector also with "none"), and any material that would automatically go in my inventory matching those settings, instead goes into materials inventory

Actual Behavior:
Setting only affects what material go from inventory to materials storage when left clicking the filter.

many people on the forums understood the above expected behavior to be the intention, and even mistakenly claimed that's how it works

second problem
grouping in the Materials storage is woefully lacking. First things first, Alphabetical sorting is essentially useless for organization. secondly, entirely too many items are dumped into "Miscellaneous"

  • Materials within a category are sorted by GRADE, then TYPE (eg Metals, compounds, etc) then QUALITY (eg premium, etc), in DESCENDING ORDER, by DEFAULT
  • There needs to be a category for each craft skill, (and 1 "common") to hold crafted assembly components, so they aren't clogging up "Misc"
  • Vendor Additive Materials (eg Protonic Flux) War supplies, PreFab Components, Augment Slot commpnets need to go in the previously mentioned "Common" group
  • Materials that are also Currency (Universal Prefabs, Invasion Forces, Flagship Plans, etc ) do NOT belong in materials storage
  • Categories should default to closed, not open (see additional bug)
  • Filters should be a checklist for Grade, or a search for name

BUG: currently any change to a count inside the Materials storage resets the entire storage UI, opening every closed category, and resetting the view to the top.... if this can't be stopped at least make the default view collapsed (as it should be anyway)

BUG: Crafting Window does not update counts in a timely fashion (if at all) for materials in Material Storage... Seems to work better (but not perfectly) for items in legacy bank or inventory
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