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If anyone is interested in understand how mitigation works in this game, Mostly Harmless wrote a guide explaining it.

It's worth to quote him in this thread:

How Mitigation Works

SW:ToR has formidably logical and sane damage type && mitigation system. All attacks are 2-type system, and every time something hits something 2-roll mitigation check occurs.

Attack type: can be either Melee/Ranged, or Force/Tech. While there are quite some differences in certain cases, from assassin tank point of view, melee and ranged attacks directed at us behave exactly same 100% of the time, obviously rifle shot is ranged and saber swing is melee but it’s just flavour making no difference. Same with Force/Tech, essentially same thing. Difference between Melee/Ranged (MR) and Force/Tech (FT) is big, though. Simplifying, one can say that MR are “weapon” attacks, while FT are “special” attacks.

Damage type: can be either Kinetic/Energy (KE) or Internal/Elemental (IE). Behaviour same as with attack type: pairs are different, but just a matter of flavour within pairs.

FT attacks can be either KE, or IE, while MR attacks are always KE.

Two-roll mitigation system works like that:

First roll: check if attack hits. Accuracy vs Defense roll for MR attacks, Special accuracy vs Resist for FT attacks.
If you have any reflect effect, it happens after defense/resist check, only if attack passes. You cannot reflect what you have resisted, unless resist is caused by reflect ability.
Second roll: check if attack crits. Critical chance vs Shield chance (if Crit + Shield is over 100%, Shield is effectively reduced by their delta).
All multiplicative bonuses are applied at this step, all damage buffs and debuffs, armour, shield and crit multipliers.
On final step, absorb shields come in effect if any are present, further reducing damage.
NB: parry/dodge/deflect are all just flavour text notifying about successful (for tank) defense vs accuracy check.

NB: defense chance on MR attacks is ignored while you are incapacitated (any stun/sleep/etc effect), but chance to hit is still checked as accuracy vs 0% defense.
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