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12.16.2014 , 12:34 AM | #28
Its finally clicked!

Yes I know its on a 500k hp dummy, but it was just me trying a couple of things out. The important thing is that # of Sanguinary Shots hits. I was @ ~250 with my Operative on a 1 mill dummy.

200 on a 500k dummy!

If that translated perfectly (which i doubt it would), that would be 600 on a 1.5 mill dummy - 100 more than what KBN has in the OP!

Now, to aim for a 1.5 mill dummy and keep the rotation together...

(oh and as for why i'm happy? Because we found that there is a direct correlation between Sanguinary Shots hits and DPS, as in the better parses will have more hits)

For those wondering about gear:

Everything is purple 186s, crafted where it wasn't cheaper to just use basics

no set bonus
Crafted power/accuracy earpiece
Crafted power/accuracy implants
Focused Retribution/Serendipitous Assault relics
4x accuracy enhancements
2x surge enhancements
1x alacrity enhancement

1 BLUE acc augment
3 power augments

0 crit rating

no stim

EDIT - Round 2, this time on a 1 mill dummy:

Worse crits, but whatever, the rotation held together a lot better that time.

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