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05.14.2019 , 04:51 PM | #10
Also on the topic of this thread- if there was anything like this, it would be really bad.

First, if implemented as requested- you and enough people block me and my team, and we don't get to play- that's obviously crap, and only exists as a topic as a way to dodge games against players you won't win against (the fact that it's yet another contrived excuse to hope to trick a dev into soft-banning players that can beat you is also obvious). You clearly won't be blocking many players that you expect to beat.

Secondly, if implemented more logically- where you simply don't get pops if anyone on your blocklist is in queue- it only works ok if there's only one game going on, because at that point it equals "you don't get pops until the players you have blocked are done playing". The moment there are two or more games going, you are effectively dumping the harder competition, leaving players who don't know the list of players to "ban" (dodge) having to fight the same players. You don't deserve such largesse, not at my expense, not at the expense of random noobs, not in general.
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