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Seriously... I think that is the only way to discourage those that *cough* dominate in unscrupulous ways. I watched a podcast today with a couple of the main guys at SWTOR, and they encouraged questions through the forums, so here is mine.
Thank you in advance!
So the only way this could work is if the person you're ignoring is in queue for a match, it auto opts you out of getting a game.

So for example if you have me on ignore, everything is normal for you until I queue. Once I queue up, you can no longer get a queue pop until I'm in a match or stop being in queue. This would work for multiple people you have on ignore, as long as one of them is in queue you wouldn't be able to get a match.

What you could also have is if a player you have on ignore is backfilled into a game you're already playing, you could have some sort of pop up notification that tells you this so you can immediately choose to leave the game and just take the loss.

This system would give you exactly what you're looking for, you'd never play with or vs the players you're trying to avoid.
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