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That's not my scenario at all, that's just some drivel you made up. Let's call it what it is, shall we?

That's not the system we're talking about, we're talking about the 1.2 changes for gear. I'm not sure where this fantasy land scenario you just made up came from, but it has no bearing on anything.

In 1.2, there will be PvP gear and you can obtain it like everyone else, given some time. It will be just as good as what the best players wear, but they will probably get theirs faster. And they will still probably kill you, because they are the best players.

As for your last line, this actually doesn't apply to PvP at all, because the opponents you face are dynamic and reactive. They ARE the harder content, not their gear. Their tactics/strategy/skill is the harder content. The fact that they are rated higher than you makes them harder content, usually.

In PvE, this doesn't happen, so the only way to make you progress is through making harder content and giving you stronger gear to tackle it. PvP doesn't have this shortcoming and doesn't need to follow the same model.

I would like to support you in saying pvp gear progression would be like boss mobs getting better gear every time they kill a player. It would create an untenable situation as players just chased the same mob with their gear progression but never killing.

Pve mobs are static and simple. Pvp mobs are dynamic and complex
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