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This pretty much sums up the idealogical difference. I'm going to call camp #1 the PVP community. If you fall into camp #2, then there is a good chance:

1) You do both PVE and PVP
2) You prefer PVE to PVP
3) You don't play this game just to PVP

It all comes down to the philosophical question - who should Bioware cater its PVP experience to? I assert they should cater to the PVP community - including those who only play this game to PVP and have never set foot in a raid/operation. Not to say camp #2 shouldn't PVP, in fact the more the merrier. Just don't expect it to be PVE (wins based on repeatable, memorized mechanics and gear advantages), and you will be fine.

I agree. I don't want to chase those in group 2 away. I just want them to embrace and enjoy pvp for what is. Turning pvp into pve is good for nobody.
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