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With a full 12 sec window is a hybrid using Masked Assault more viable? Or is it too dangerous relying on at least one PA proc in 12 sec? And extra 25% reduced damage for 6 sec sounds like a nice extra cooldown.
If I remove Slow Time from the rotation, the average minimum time between Telekinetic Throw channels jumps to 16.62 seconds (up from the 8.86 seconds with Slow Time). This initially seems unintuitive due to the fact that Project only has a 6 second cooldown, but remember that Project costs more than Slow Time and Telekinetic Throw is force-positive. Thus, the longer the delay on Telekinetic Throw, the less force we have to waste on Double Strikes attempting to proc Project (and thus Telekinetic Throw). It's a bit of a compounding problem.

All of that is to say that the hybrid spec cannot reliably keep Shadow Protection active. It will miss the window by about 3 GCDs, on average.
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