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01.24.2014 , 10:16 AM | #16
I've not used my Shadow much since the self heal was removed...or quite a while before that for that matter. Lately we've found ourselves with a shortage of tanks and abundance of healers though, so I may have to dust him off. It's nice that you have more time to play with now rather than fishing for that Particle Acceleration all the time and getting your TKT channeling ASAP. It used to suck looking at that Shadow Wrap that procced on the same hit as PA and knowing I should use Project->TKT to get the self heal rolling. Now we are more likely to keep that Shadow Wrap proc on cooldown.

With a full 12 sec window is a hybrid using Masked Assault more viable? Or is it too dangerous relying on at least one PA proc in 12 sec? And extra 25% reduced damage for 6 sec sounds like a nice extra cooldown.