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Are you listening to the customers you royally pissed off?

Why is it that just about every MMO that comes out which has crafting - makes the end product inferior to what you get as loot? What's the point? Hell...I make more money doing WZ's. I love crafting...I love the way it's set up but the end product isn't worth my time and isn't worth it for anyone to buy it.
Because they are Themepark MMO's. Crafting is nothing more than vanity/timesink in Themeparks as gear is the driving "reward" factor of the game. Gear guides the carts on the 'rails'. It will always be this way.

Take a second and think about all of the endgame content of "about every MMO" that you've alluded to above...what did you do and why did you do it?

You should now see that this is not a plausible concept in SWTOR.

If you want to play an MMO where crafting really matters, pick up a Sandbox. There are a ton out there.
Similar to SWG:The Repopulation
Similar to EvE (Ground based Mechs): Perpetuum
Themepark/Sandbox Hybrid: ArcheAge