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Carbonite grenade: single target ability that is used on yourself OR AN ALLY. It stuns them (does provide some white bar points if possible, but CAN be used if they are already white barred) It last 4 seconds and it Cannot be broken.

Effects: during those 4 seconds, all healing received is increased by 100% and the target cannot be damaged by ennemies. If you were "effectively" healed by less than 30% of your base health increase your defense chance by 45% for the next 6 seconds, if healed less than 60%, increase your defense chance by 30% for the next 6 seconds, if healed above 60%, increase defense chance by 15% for the next 6 seconds. The defense chance is granted AFTER the 4 seconds. Has 2 minute cooldown.
I really like this self- Carbonite effect as a tactic for Carbonize. Even if its just yourself, having a temporary immunity for a few seconds (i would say make it 7 seconds or so, just long enough to tempt them to move on. then it has great value in pvp as an anti-focus ability, something this class badly needs. I would think even the current cooldown is fine, since it isnt a self-heal. It also fits the bounty hunter theme quite well (not so much the trooper, but it could be a heavy deployed personal defense shield for the trooper). Also it needs to be cancellable early by pressing the button again. In PvE this ability should cause you to lose threat (or maybe not?) but perhaps taunt + self-carbonize mighjt be a nice unique offering for powertech/vanguard tanks to immune boss mechanics, sort of like how assassins have something like that.