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Hey I noticed your sick parse. Are you already BIS with relics implants or is my timing just that bad? Im 265 dps behind u but using conq SA and ark SA relics and still needing implants,chest,legs upgrades.
Yeah I'm pretty close to BiS. I think when I did that particular parse, I was a little less geared than I am now, but not much it's only been a week...Now I'm sitting just a mod, 2 enhancements, and a relic away from BiS. I'll take a look at your parse to see if I see any differences and get back to you...but you probably just need more gear. My current relics are UW Cerulean Nova and DG Boundless Ages.

Edit: so a couple things that catch my eye are first, your APMs. Yours is around 32 where mine is around 36. That means there's some unwanted delay inbetween some of your ability activations. This is also evident in your smaller percentage of rapid shots. I would just work on ABC (always be casting) to get your APMs up. If that means more rapid shots, so be it, your DPS will increase.

The only other thing is I'm slightly more efficient on my use of HSM and RS. Your parse was 18s longer than mine which means you should have 1 more of each of these abilities than me, and we are equal (21 and 19 respectively). This means those abilities are staying off cd just slightly longer than you want them to be. Best way to bring this to ideal is to really be anticipating them coming off cd. When you see the cd under two seconds, make sure the next ability you cast will keep your heat under 24 so you can just fire away as soon as they come off cd. Unless my heat is sub-15 heat or so, I use 1 rapid shot right before they come off cd so I won't need to worry about heat. If my heat is sub-15ish , I'll use Tracer Missile instead. They should both be your highest priority abilities. In particular HSM, don't want that sitting off cd.