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06.11.2019 , 01:55 AM | #6
i think the punishment is a bit mild, don't you?

at least the valor rank should be reset to 1, too. also the entry rank for ranked pvp should be raised,
that the time, until they can trade again, is extended.

personally i would wipe out the complete account, with every achievement, every reputation,
all items, all credits, all titles... just keep the cm-items and the level.

but we shouldn't underestimate the effect of the leaderboards. if you sort it by rank, everybody could identify the cheaters and wintraders. so let us spread that, to make them even more unpopular.

but what are they doing now (and since some weeks)?

actually they are waiting, until other pvp groups are going offline, so that they can q for ranked, without playing against real opponents. then they are looking, which pve guilds are online and try to talk them into playing some rounds ranked, just for "fun"; with a helpfull and friendly mask.
they also are spreading out, to talk to some directly and do the same, also offering to practice in some custom games. just don't fall for it, because the intention is a different one.
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