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I don't want to sound critical, been playing since six months after game first released still off/on.
I want to thank everyone at Bioware/EA for all the years of fun and fond memories I've had.
I've made a few suggestions over the years, like adding a Find Available Guild Database on GTN terminal,
which for some reason was rejected.

Anyways just my two cents about Lore?
Mek sha ? Really? Somehow I don't feel immersed in the genuine Star Wars lore?

Following is a transcript one day at Bioware offices;(Warning I have a sense of Humor)

Phil: Hey Pete, I'm getting tired holding down number 1 key to artificially create lag on this server to
make it look like there are millions of people online.

Pete: Yah, me too, wanna go to Micky D's and get a Milk Shake?

Phil: A "Mek Sha?"

Pete: NO, I said Milk Shake not Mek wait, maybe we can use that?
Hey, I just thought of new name for a Swtor location! Why not call it Mek Sha?

Phil: Yeah,good idea! Sounds kinda foreign, like Hong Kong or something, other worldly stuff.
Nobody's ever been there right?

Pete: Yeah, they'll never know its not part of real Star Wars Lore!

There is thousands of Star Wars lore locations, why not pick one of them?

Let the developers explore their own planets.
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