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Revan's dead. Listen to his last words. I just finished playing the Foundry and he said "The Darkness takes me. Now I know how you felt, old friend." (Not the exact words, but close enough) He's dead. But if they do bring him back it should be as a spirit. Someone to guide us in the final battle with the Emperor.
Take a step back and look at that you huge of a failure this would be on Bioware if that were how they killed him off? Allowing trolls...and we have a crap ton of trolls on TOR, to mock and spit on someone as huge and respected as Revan? The name itself means respect. Revan may not have the highest med-count but as quality warrior, champion, jedi/sith goes...Revan is generally the best at what he does. He's the Wolverine to Star Wars. Also if you want to take Mass Effect into this...Kotor was biowares first major story game...then we have Mass Effect and Dragon Age, to bioware I'm pretty sure Revan is a more important character than Shepard or the Gray Warden. Combined.
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