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I'm sure this thread is most likely useless to the OP after a few weeks, but I'll post something in case it is found by someone in the future. Your spec honestly won't matter for heroics at early levels (or any level really). Having your heals is enough to get through them and you'll probably have plenty of time to DPS anyway. FPs, on the other hand, are a different story. I would suggest taking the 2 points in increasing your force pool (Reserves in Lightning). You just never know how good the DPS you get will be in a FP and since you don't have consumption, running out of force is extremely inconvenient in long fights.

As for moving up the healer tree, Efficacious Currents is a better skill than Resurgence until you have the points to put into Force Bending, in which case Resurgence becomes infinitely more important. So I would suggest putting two points into Efficacious Currents and then respeccing when you hit the next level to take Resurgence and 2 points in Force Bending instead.
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