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11.17.2019 , 01:16 PM | #104
I used to enjoy passing my old armor to my companions.
There wasn't anything wrong with companions having on skill set and being limited to tank/dps, healer/dps or just dps. Or having different gathering and crafting skills.

HK-51 was equinie in it had two primary attributes instead of one.
Treek was the beast healer. Then they changed companions and screwned all the people who bought Treek.

Somewhere along they line they brook HK-51 and Treek so they don't gain levels from conversations.

Having companions actually go down in affection if they didn't like your choices gave your choices consequences. I remember really making Corso mad by noting giving him his blasters. If wanted the lost affection back you just bought some gifts. Then they changed it to Influence and made all the attempts to get companions to 10 affection meaningess since they raised the influence cap to 50.