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Here are three locations across the galaxy that I see as perfect choices for Bioware to develop into strongholds next. I will explain my reasoning at the end.

Manaan: Allows for a water based stronghold. You have access to rooms on the peaceful Manaan surface, and below, rooms that display the planet's deep and dangerous underwater depths. Probably unlikely, but an interesting feature idea: have a room that can only be accessed by crossing a small distance across the ocean floor, made possible by a stronghold exclusive set of underwater gear or something. Even if it were a relatively short or controlled path across, the fact that you can walk around and watch the silhouettes of the dangerous Manaan sharks lurking in the distance, among other things, is worth any cost for me.

Thank you for reading, if you agree, support these ideas by leaving feedback. The more people who see it and comment, the more attention it gets, I suppose. Good day.
I am just waiting for a Manaan Stronghold!

The idea I had was to also have the outside balcony be a t water level and the stronghold, like Nar SHaddaa floats in the air, always floating with the tide. So part of the balcony has water on it and part of it is dry, but it's very clear that it's at water level.

I agree that an access to an underwater place accessible only by underwater gear would be brilliant, or a sub for that matter. Or even an underwater tunnel. You have rooms underwater, room above water level, and a passage that takes you deep down and you walk in a tunnel of glass. Beyond that tunnel's doors you are in water.

Or something like that.

I'd buy Manaan. I'd consider Kashyyk.

Something dreadful tells me though that the next stronghold is going to be Zakkul.
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