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02.20.2020 , 07:58 PM | #88
Quote: Originally Posted by Ollmich View Post
If anything, stackers and no-stackers shouldn’t ever have this discussion. It could be avoided if BWA bothered to scale content to lvl 75 in the first place.
Agree. What's more, I don't even see a real discussion. There are two camps just arguing completely past one another about two different things.

No-stackers: Want NiM content to be hard again. For them, it's about what they want from the game in an objective sense, detached from the people and community playing it. Arguments are about the idea behind what NiM is supposed to be and how it was when it came out.

Stackers: Want NiM to be played. For them, it's about the community that's developed around NiM and the accessibility for people who want to get into NiM and learn the mechanics without facing overly-daunting DPS and HPS checks. Many in this camp actually enjoy the harder content without stacks, but for them it's more important that they have other people to play with at all and can raid more than just 2-3 evenings per week with their main group.

I see both sides, and honestly want both. No stacks for my raid group, stacks for pugs and people learning the mechanics with slightly less-daunting DPS and HPS checks, or better yet just scaling them up to 75. That the game badly needs a major balance patch and actually needed it before no-stack NiM goes without saying, but offering both stack and no-stack options would be an acceptable solution, I think, and faster than scaling to 75. Then they can take their time to get the balancing right and consider scaling the content up for the next major patch.