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02.20.2020 , 11:10 AM | #87
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It did not come out of nowhere. It was tested on PTS by people with high experience & knowledge of the game regarding high end raiding. Including that it was planned to get into the game anyway so the result would still be the same, now it just happened to enter the game a bit earlier than expected..boohoo
You can express and defend your opinion all you want but donít try to tweak the facts so they fit your narrative.

It was a ninja change. They didnít communicate on it before it made its way to live servers. They never announced it the way they advertised their new stronghold. Musco didnít put a thread on PTS forums dedicated to this subject. I havenít seen a single thread on forums started by players where changes to nims were discussed. Should we test all content this game has on PTS searching for critical changes they intend to make and decided not to talk about?

Then all of a sudden it turns out that some of the players were aware of the change. Hey, look, youíre not a hardcore raider who cleared old nims 153458 times so your opinion is irrelevant. Yep, we opened a can of worms when made old nims accessible to more raiders but we donít want to bear responsibility for it.

Iíd like to believe Musco when he sais that it's his own fault but I canít. Itís not the first time BWA comes up with a (potentially) unpopular change and refuses to speak of it before it is implemented. Think of the mods tied to certain types of shells in 5.10 for instance.

They screwed up and yet again pissed off a portion of their playerbase in favour of another portion. It was a douche move. It's not how things should be done. Period.

P.S. If anything, stackers and no-stackers shouldnít ever have this discussion. It could be avoided if BWA bothered to scale content to lvl 75 in the first place.