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So, if you quit, a long time ago, why do you assume what is hard and what isn't? Have you tried raids as they were in 5.10, or 6.0 with 258s, or VE stacks? Or have you tried Gods Nightmare by any chance, when they came out in 5.10 which was by far the hardest raid they ever invented in this game? Why are you posting in this thread if you've got no clue how raids are right now? If you're an OG raider who liked challenges, you'd be pleasantly surprised about how good raids feel right now. But no, you choose to listen to people on the forums who probably didn't even spend 2 hours in a raid without VE stacks.
Because I can't stand the hypocrisy of "but it's easier for them" all while taking full advantage of other mechanics player side that make it easier now. So my argument is the same as yours, isn't it? It shouldn't be any easier for you than it was for me. It seems like you're somewhat resistant to that, and I have to wonder, why is that? No need to answer, it's rhetorical, because I already know why that is: "It's a slap in the face that someone might have an easier time than I did".

Why would you bring in someone inexperienced in a group? Of course you want to have the raid you're doing to go as smooth as possible. Especially if everyone has cleared it several times before and is only looking for a nice time. This kind of discussion have been going around for years in every single MMO out there. People have progressed it and spent time doing so, why bring in someone who haven't? There have been several discords and such where different groups of people with various experienced did both hm and nim together.
So that they can learn the raids, and become a member? How experienced were you in your first raid? How many times did your errors wipe a group? How many times do you suppose the vets in that group discussed kicking you? How many times were you rejected, or kicked? Then we get to the meat of the issue, your definition of PuG for a raid is very different from the traditional meaning. You're effectively PuGing from your guild, from a group of players that you know already know the raid, and all the mechanics. Guess what, I'm down with that, in fact, I used to do the same thing, but let's not pretend it's a PuG in the traditional sense, because it's not. You even clarify it in your opening statement for this paragraph. So no, people aren't doing NiM clears with PuG groups, they're doing them with their friend's list, effectively, of players that know the content. Again, that's great, when you have the pool to pull from, you should definitely do it, but it's not a PuG.
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Also, just a small point. Why should anyone who plays this game exclusively for any particular type of content, have to run a different type of content just to earn gear? What is that attitude all about?