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02.20.2020 , 06:54 AM | #81
Quote: Originally Posted by Anyaka_Jedi View Post
When you say pug... Some select group from a select discord? Or some regular Joe's from fleet...
Pug= pick up group. People from various discords of course as you said. NiM was never meant to be pugged by just regular joes/ anyone from random from fleets with zero coordination and little skill, that would be silly and defeat the purpose of NiM as thatís what Group finder is for those groups. You donít see Mythic raids pugged by randoms in Boralus and those fail epically so why should it be different here. My point is If a competent group of people who normally donít play together can coordinate to kill a bosses then yes itís doable, and my point is that people saying NiM TFB especially DG is an impossible heal check are just wrong. What your average Joe can do is be on a team of average Joeís and if they decide they want to be better put it in the work like we all did to improve. Itís going to take a lot more effort than experienced people but if they keep grinding at itís doable if they are serious about NiM raiding and the dedication needed to understanding it.