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For Overall submissions, post the following:
  • Name (what you want to be listed as on the leaderboard)
  • Server
  • Points
  • Screenshots which display the points achieved in all categories. This requires two screenshots.

Quote: Originally Posted by Example submission
Name: Randomno
Server: Darth Malgus
Points: 50000
Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Overall submissions will be included in category rankings. However if you wish to submit only to a specific category, name and server are required as above, but the screenshot only needs to display the points in the categories you are submitting for.

Note that while previous leaderboards tracked category percentage, this leaderboard will track points per category. This is due to rounding in percentages. Please do not make a submission giving only the percentages.

Please use a reliable image host. Regardless, I will create a backup of all images.