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[B][SIZE="4"][COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Acquiring Items at 75." Alas, it seems that Galactic Renown XP (RXP) and the "new currency" won't be obtainable until level 75. This is a very bad design decision. For me as a "casual" RPing, story-loving, PvPing, altoholic player, this sort of "RXP-Gating" is game breaking.
I only skimmed your post after this part. It's clear you missed a lot of details in the stream. Yes, Galactic Command is changing to Galactic Renown. Yes, everyone is being reset back to level 1. But, GR is an entirely supplemental way to obtain gear.

First, RXP will be acquired directly alongside XP, and you will continue to acquire RXP even at level 75 because it will be based upon how much XP you would have earned, which makes me thing that we will accrue RXP from level 1 and is why I asked that question in the other thread.

Second, the gear we acquire from a GR crate will now be based upon our item level and not our GR level. Gone will be those days of being in full 246+ gear and opening a tier 1 GC grate just to disintegrate everything because it contains absolutely nothing for you. Now, every single crate you open, from Renown level 1 to however high it goes, will drop gear based on your item rating. If you're in full 258 gear you're not going to get nothing but 230 gear because you opened a GR 1 box. Those tiers are gone.

Third, gone are CXP drops from all sources. Why? Because with 6.0 we'll be getting gear wherever we got a CXP drop and that gear drop rating will be based upon our gear rating. Run Esseles or Black Talon SM now and you get three or four CXP drops that are barely enough to get you a single tier 4 crate. After 6.0, instead of CXP drops you'll get actual gear, and because you're earning RXP alongside your regular XP, you may go up a level or two in Renown, which means one or two Renown crates to open, which will drop gear based on your item rating. That's three or four pieces of gear from boss fights (and if you're in a group those drops are individual so everyone gets their own drop), and one or two pieces of gear from Renown crates, and all of it will be based upon your item rating. If you didn't get a single item you wanted for that character, but there was something you would like to give to an alt you can because everything will be bound to legacy (even full left side). If you decide to break it all down, whether you're a crafter or not you'll get materials that you can use to acquire the gear you do want (Charles Points).

Your post is based upon a flawed understanding of the stream because it's clear you missed the part were we will now be getting gear drops based upon our item rating and not our GC or character level. The only specific gate Eric mentioned during the stream was that a person would need to be of a specific (unstated during the stream) item rating for the system to start dropping gear with set bonuses and tactical items.
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