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06.09.2018 , 10:39 AM | #7
The problem with buffing Kolto Overload would be the danger of overbuffing it for Pyro PT. They get a 6 second cooldown reduction every time they get attacked, with a 1 second internal cooldown and a 30% damage reduction while active. This could potentially lower the cooldown to a mere 26 second if you're taking damage every second, in practice it'll be more, but a cooldown of a minute seems very realistic.

I think it would be allright for AP and tanks to have Kolto Overload to heal up to 50% at an accelerated rate, it is a 3 minute cooldown after all and it just really does very little right now. However that would be pretty OP for Pyro, perhaps AP and Shield tech need buffs in their disciplines tree. Alternatively the Pyro utility could be nerfed in favor of a Kolto Overload buff for all specs, but that always leaves a sore taste imo.