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What PT's really need is an extra DCD on top of what they have, something along the lines of Saberward as it's a melee spec. DPS specs shouldn't have extra lives, it's retarded and game breaking. ED is an extra life now since they buffed it, and it shows. With regard to a tank, I don't see that in the same way as with DPS. It makes more sense on a tank, it makes no sense on a DPS.
what happened with FD was not even a buff. It was merely scaled to where it was in 4.x, a change they should have made in november of 2016.

As i said in the matchmaking thread, DCDs vs heals are a matter of philosophy. My philosophy is assuming i have a healer I'd rather have a mitigation DCD any time.

In the case of FD in particular: compare a juggie to a mara. Both are good damaging classes in at least one spec. Guardians have FD, maras have superior mitigation DCDs and a disengage. (Not to mention mobility)

I argue that, again assuming both teams have a healer, the mara is a better team choice. A dps juggie brings taunts (and technically guard but 99.9% of dps that choose to guard are stupid squishy morons). Mara has a group speed up and "stealth out" (in quotes because yes i know it doesn't drop combat). I would kill for that level of mobility AND a disengage or anti focus tool.

FD under focus post-scaling is better, far and away better, for my tank than dps. I pulled over a million healing in a match (i think one of the ones i linked in the matchmaking thread) on my tank. As a dps, you dont live long enough to use it more than once under any kind of focus.

I do agree, however, that VGs in particular want a real DCD. Though, i could see an argument for making KO go to 70% rsther than 40. At 40 its just rather useless. I would like to point out: FD healing is not a set % or number. It must be timed well and its usefullness depends on you taking less damage than the attacker can deal. Thus, under heavy or bursty focus, it does not help you nearly as much as the non-juggies think. Now my tank, sure, its a new life every 90s (with utility).